We are a group of Pitcairn Islanders who have been selling our Honey and other products to our customers all over the world.
We had overcome many hurdles but still going strong to keep this community going.
Thank you for your support in being a part of helping Pitcairn Island by being a customer.
As our slow and sometimes no Internet permits. I will be adding more items to our website.

We have 20+ members including Mike Lupton Christian as Manager for PIPCO, Charlene Warren as Dispatch Officer, Meralda Warren as Website Manager and treasurer, Darralyn Griffiths as back up with assistance in banking and paperwork. Torika Christian as Secretary .

We pack our finished products at the Pitcairn Post Office at Palmai Center prior to when our supply ship Silver Supporter arrives. After our supplies from New Zealand is unloaded and sorted, the mailbags are loaded into the empty clean containers. The tractor delivers the containers to Bounty bay and it is loaded onto the longboat and taken to the ship to be hoisted onboard. The ship when it departs will take our containers all the way to Tauranga New Zealand.
Thank you all for your support.

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